Turbulence Tools – Coming Soon!

Posted By admin on Mar 9, 2014 | 0 comments

Our new app, Turbulence Tools, is nearing completion with initial Alpha testing underway as we speak. Intended primarily to be a comprehensive suite of tools to help Fearful Flyers understand and come to terms with inflight turbulence, Turbulence Tools includes G-force and Turbulence measurement and recording, a range of information pages explaining turbulence and why it can’t hurt you, relaxation technique wizards, and a full Journalling system to assist Fearful Flyers manage their own recovery process. Fear of Flying is one of the world’s most common fears. In conjunction with a sensible strategy, Turbulence Tools will provide invaluable assistance in transforming flight anxiety into understanding, calmness and… enjoyment of flight! Stay tuned to this website for updates on the release of Turbulence Tools… coming soon! turbtools-screenshot-300