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Breathing exercises can help you in all kinds of stressful situations!breathex-patisserie_550

For many people breathing is a basic bodily function taken for granted.

Others have learned that the fundamental link between body and mind means that breathing – done with intent and purpose – can modify your mental and physical state.

Whether for relaxation, de-stressing, boosting energy and focus, or balancing your body’s energies, many people believe deep breathing is an invaluable skill.

In BreatheX you’ll find a wide range of breathing exercises that have been found to be helpful in all of these areas. Some are suggested by psychologists, others are drawn from Yoga and Hindu traditions. We’ll guide you through deep breathing technique and exercises, teaching you the routines and then guiding your timing to help you get the most out of each.

We’ve included some basic exercises for you to try, to see if you like using BreatheX. These exercises may be all you ever need, but more are available should you want to expand your repertoire!




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